Klubosumo Johnson Borh, BSc, MSc. – SEA/MFP

Chief Executive Officer – NEPI

Klubosumo Johnson Borh is a Rainer Arnhold Fellow of Social Entrepreneur/Social Innovator, a Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. He is a Rotary International Global Vocational Trainer. A social and development worker, a reintegration, psychosocial and youth development specialist. He uses field experience to develop rigorous social and development programs and projects that address former child soldiers’ reintegration, hard-risk youth violence and organize crime, extreme poverty in developing countries. He influences public policy and high impact program design for scale-up - READ MORE

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Morlee Gugu Zawoo, Sr.

Country Director

Morlee Gugu-zawoo, Sr., is a specialist in psychosocial intervention from post conflict context in dealing with vulnerable grouping – ex-combatants, hard core street youth, drugs addict, children and women affected by fighting forces (CAFF & WAFF) thereby, helping them socially reintegrate. Presently, he is a candidate of master at the Kofi Annan Institute of Conflict Transformation, University of Liberia. Notwithstanding, he has contributed to the peace-building process in Liberia being the Executive Director and one of the founders of the Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiatives NEPI Inc. Liberia, an organization dedicated to peace-building - READ MORE

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