Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiative (NEPI)

The mission of NEPI is to find solutions to extreme poverty and crime among youth (street youth, war affected youth and former combatants), build youth capacity and strengthen social, political and emotional empowerment of youth in Liberia.

Diversify and Expand NEPI Funding Sources

At present, NEPI funding is largely from institution sources. This means that 100% of the funding is short-term (i.e. one year or less) and restricted to particular programs and countries. This allows only minimal flexibility in our programmatic activities, which can be problematic given the complex and shifting context within which we work. In order to meet our strategic organizational goals over the next five years, a much more diverse set of funding sources must be realized.

Diversifying the source of our income is critical in helping us make strategic choices, and for our programs to be innovative and flexible. By 2025, NEPI funding needs to have moved away from restricted, short-term grants, towards more sustainable long-term, unrestricted income. This will mean an aggressively targeted strategy that ensures that institutional funding will be complemented by other income sources, such as corporate donation, individual donors and high net worth individuals, and foundations.

NEPI aims to increase overall revenue with an emphasis on unrestricted and diversified funding sources. Over the next 5 years, we hope to raised 5M with a 30:70 ratio of restricted and unrestricted funds, 10% of restricted revenue generated at the field level, with at least 60% of programs funding acquire by year 3.

Based on an analysis of current NEPI capacity, the following action steps have been identified as necessary to build the foundation to increase overall revenue for all fund development programs:

1. Investment in a Donor Database that will assist with soliciting, leveraging and engaging individual, corporate, and institutional relationships

2. Creation of a centralized Donor Information Management Program (DIMP)

3. Refocusing on human resources based on funding priorities

4. Recruitment of experts where gaps exist


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