Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiative (NEPI)

The mission of NEPI is to find solutions to extreme poverty and crime among youth (street youth, war affected youth and former combatants), build youth capacity and strengthen social, political and emotional empowerment of youth in Liberia.


We want the world to put young people at the heart of their development work to reduce crime and violence and increase young people's social, economic and political participation in decision making that affects their lives. NEPI drive is in a more explicit and focused way to the challenges posed by youth poverty, crime and violence in Africa and the world and its direct impacts on young people and communities and the ways in which it demoralizes ambitions in other key areas of youth development (vocational education, psychosocial support and services, education, social, economic empowerment and political participation).

NEPI is responding with a highly effective, evidence-based program, the Sustainable Transformation of Youth in Liberia (STYL). It is designed to promote future orientation, self-discipline, and norms of non-violence, pro-social behavior with the goal of mainstreaming these youth back into society. Hard-core street youth pose risks of broader social instability, through participation in organized crime, violent protest, communal violence, and armed conflict. NEPI identifies these poor deprive youth living on the fringes of society and rehabilitate and reintegrate them using therapy and counseling to foster character skills such as self-control and a noncriminal self-image as well as providing cash support.

NEPI drive and the innovative evidence-based program that targets the hardest to reach, most vulnerable youth with a tested and proven intervention to address the issues of violence and crime, will enable us to lead and work with our partners to contribute to addressing the immediate causes of youth crime and violence. We will support the SDGs through contributions towards a world in which no young person lives in extreme poverty, crime, and violence, and are socially and economically empowered to fulfill their potential into a peaceful and inclusive society. We will use a combination of high impact program delivery, social mobilization, and advocacy for the successful interventions at scale. NEPI will build on its longstanding progress and evidence in reducing violence and crime in developing countries in Africa and transform the lives of hard-core deprived young people into productive citizens.

Our youth transformation work will enable us to lead in this understudied and under-engaged field, to build capacity and work with partners to address the causes and deprivation impacts of poverty, crime, and violence. We will pursue this cause across developing countries in Africa and the world. We will use high impact program delivery, conduct social mobilization and advocacy for the replication of successful intervention at scale. We will build synergistic approaches across NEPI, and forge coalitions with civil society and public sector to achieve a reduction in the number of young people involved in crime and violence, build their capacities, increase their social and economic stability and political participation.

Over the next five years, we will work intensively with governments, local communities, young people to identify policies and interventions that achieve secure pathways out of crime, and violence, and reduce poverty for the most deprived, poor, high-risk youth. 


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