Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiative (NEPI)

The mission of NEPI is to find solutions to extreme poverty and crime among youth (street youth, war affected youth and former combatants), build youth capacity and strengthen social, political and emotional empowerment of youth in Liberia.


Reducing crime and violence: Experimental evidence on cognitive behavioral therapy in Liberia (2017) with Julian Jamison and Margaret Sheridan, American Economic Review

The Impact of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Cash Transfers on High-Risk Young Men in Liberia

The Economist on Applying IPA Research from Liberia to Reduce Chicago's Murder Rate
The Economist | May 28, 2019

On Freakonomics Radio: Can cognitive behavioral therapy reduce crime?
Freakonomics Radio | Sep 17, 2015

This Startup Gives Poor People A Year's Income, No Strings Attached
The Huffington Post | Jun 4, 2015

Jobs and jail might not keep young men out of crime, but how about therapy?
The Washington Post | Apr 15, 2015

Chris Blattman on Domestic Cash Transfers in the New York Times
The New York Times | Jul 7, 2014

Notes from the field: Street youth rehabilitation in Liberia
IPA BLOG | Dec 27, 2010

IPA Associate Director of Business and Program Development Joins Panel at Columbia University's African Economic Forum
Event | April 07, 2018

Watch Chris Blattman talk, see the policy note, read summary in the Washington Post, listen to the NPR Planet Money or Freakonomics episodes, or Chris related New York Times Op-Ed about the program.

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