Morlee Gugu Zawoo Sr. - Country Director

Morlee Gugu-zawoo, Sr., is a specialist in psychosocial intervention from post conflict context in dealing with vulnerable grouping – ex-combatants, hard core street youth, drugs addict, children and women affected by fighting forces (CAFF & WAFF) thereby, helping them socially reintegrate. Presently, he is a candidate of master at the Kofi Annan Institute of Conflict Transformation, University of Liberia.

Notwithstanding, he has contributed to the peace-building process in Liberia being the Executive Director and one of the founders of the Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiatives NEPI Inc. Liberia, an organization dedicated to peace-building, conflict management, reconciliation, and national development (,, ).

His passion for peace-building extends to training, empowerment and transformation for vulnerable individuals and local communities in Liberia, as well as speaking engagements in Africa, Europe and America. He believes in the values and dignity of humanity through Training, Partnership, Networking, Empowerment, Commitment, Accountability, Productivity, Participation, Honesty, Trust, Accomplishment, Integrity, Creativity, Voluntarism and Hard Work.

Moreover, Zawoo had represented Liberia in National and International Peace Conferences in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the United States. His role as a trauma counselor, lecturer and facilitator has impacted thousands of young people in Liberia, changing their lives and attitudes for a better tomorrow. His passionate emphasis is that anyone could change based on their willingness, decision and determination for Transformation. He's a man of vision and commitment and above all an Agent of Change.


2085 Tiebout Avenue, Apt 1 - New York, NY
120 Camp Johnson Road - Monrovia, Liberia